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Science has changed the world as we know it and this has happened due to vast research and development in the world of science. Innovation, inventions and constant development in each and every area by science by dedicated scientists throughout the world has made the world what it is today. However, theoretical understanding is very necessary to make this kind of rapid development possible for real and for that in-depth research and deep understanding is required which only few highly intelligent can do and one of those is renowned quantum physicist Allan

Everything we see today and use today is the result of breakthrough science innovation and inventions. Science has helped human being understand the world better as many a times we can’t see or understand even when it is right in front of us and this is where science comes in as it has answer for everything that is going on, whether it is visible to naked eyes or not. Allan M. Migdall is one of those rare quantum optic scientists who has single handedly carried out many researches and in-depth study in the field of quantum physics. His contribution in the world of quantum optics and quantum theory has helped in accelerating the development processes in related field and has also led to many innovations and reaching conclusions of many ongoing researches and projects on the said subject.

When it comes to Quantum optics, you just cannot forget the name of Allan M. Migdall and he is actively involved with many researches and development in Quantum Measurement field and it should be noted here that very few scientists has chosen to dedicate their life for this very strenuous and complicated subject of Quantum theory and Allan M. Migdall is one of them. Few of the areas where his focus lies primarily are single photon sources, detectors, processors, cryptography quantum and quantum memory.

Allan M. Migdall handles the Quantum Optics Group at National Institute of Science and Technology where he is an active member and has been so for years. Not only is actively involved with researches on Quantum physics at many places he is also associated with many institutions like at Maryland University, he is the member of Joint Quantum Institute. He is also member at America’s Physical Society, America’s Optical Society and Photo Optical Instrumentation Engineers. He has written on various areas in the field of Quantum Optics and one of his recent and most renowned publications is ‘Single Photon Detector’, which was supported by National Institute of Science and Technology as well.


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